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#CZ bets on Věra Jourová as Commissioner to get a big portfolio #eutopjobs #genderbalance

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RT @Shine_Pix: The one & only @TimmyMallett pictured launching #XCGreatGiveaway for clients @crosscountryuk @GraylingUK @Shine_Pix http://t

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RT @gonzalo_fera: Thanks to @Pete_Pedersen for a great interview and a different vision of a global PR Agency in Spain

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RT @Concur: ICYMI: If you missed @SquawkCNBC this morning, check out the video of @SteveSSingh 's appearance:

7 hours ago


#GraylingBlog Trusting What People Do, Not What They Say: Lessons from the Content Marketing Show

19 hours ago

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