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Whisper it, but the Liberal Democrats might be back!

In his closing speech to Lib Dem Conference, Leader Sir Ed Davey left no doubt that the party is...

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Embracing Devolved Strategies: Devolution at the FMCG Policy Vanguard

In the dynamic landscape of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), staying ahead of the curve is not an option –...

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The C-Suite must verse itself in Corporate Affairs

When thinking about how to describe the rise in importance of Corporate Affairs, I was reminded of the iconic...

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Smoke and mirrors: why the race to reform food and packaging policy is still on

Probably the most overused word in FMCG policy right now is ‘delay’. We’ve seen the Deposit Return Scheme become...

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Grayling Analysis – 2023 Spanish General Election

Our Spanish public affairs team has prepared a detailed analysis of the 2023 Spanish General Election. The analysis allows...

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Delayed departure complicates EU package to decarbonise transport

In a race for approval ahead of the EU elections next year, the European Commission recently published its long-awaited...

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Ultra-processed policy: lifting the lid on the hottest topic in public health

The prevailing consensus is that the UK is suffering from an obesity crisis. Figures show that in 2021, 63.8%...

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Crisis Communications

From Crisis to Opportunity: Q&A with Adrian Elliot, Grayling Spain

Adrian Elliot heads up Grayling’s client crisis consultancy in Spain. Grayling and its predecessor agency pioneered the development of...

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Life at Grayling: Interview with account executive Evelyn Cowen

In our latest post on life at Grayling, we meet Evelyn Cowen, who joined us in September 2022. We...

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