Re-energising the HTC brand in Singapore

Lead Office, Singapore

The Challenge

How to achieve brand resonance in a highly competitive market?


Singapore is one of the most technologically-savvy consumer bases in the world – and it shows. The competition between tech brands is fierce, and it takes a lot to impress consumers who are used to the cutting edge. HTC had stepped back from the market, but was re-entering it with its HTC U11 smartphone – and it charged Grayling with delivering a launch strategy that would promote both the device but also the HTC brand as a whole…


The Solution

Using the power of influence.

Our campaign focused on empowering and encouraging Singaporeans to express themselves, while getting only the best in style and innovation in their choices. We called it, “Made for ‘U’, Singapore.”

Our program focused on opinion-forming photography aficionados, music lovers, gaming enthusiasts, fashionistas and other influencers. A launch event showcased key Singapore-centric phone features and generated  a lot of visual content to create online buzz. The glass-surround venue ensured the dramatic Singapore skyline was the backdrop to all photos and videos taken at the event, while a two-metre flower display invited more photos, creating an avalanche of organic social media content. Local “likeable” content was pushed out through HTC’s owned channels, with the launch underpinned by an extensive in-person media handset review program. 

The Results

We sold out the phone...


month to sell out the entire Singaporean stock


social media impressions at launch

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Re-energising the HTC brand in Singapore