The Challenge

How do you improve the image of the German language in Poland? 

The Goethe Institute approached Grayling Poland to help them inspire Gen Zs to choose to learn German as a foreign language.

Through careful research and observation, we discovered that Polish teenagers often select a foreign language based on their personal interests. However, they didn’t see a connection between the German language and their passions. 

The Solution

‘Language of Your Passion’ 

A perception changing campaign aimed at showing Gen Z individuals who are interested in music, fashion, design, ecology and technology how Germany is relevant to their everyday lives and interests.

We launched a creative platform called ‘Language of Your Passion’. Over two years, we rolled out a series of activations, including an educational website, social media channels, influencer partnerships on IG and TikTok and out-of-home advertising. We also collaborated with newonce, Poland’s most influential Gen Z media outlet; for one day, the station changed its name and rebranded to (, capturing the attention of its entire listener base. 

The Results

Posts on newonce’s channels had a reach of 620k. The morning show about the German language was listened to by over 18k Gen Z’ers, and the activation won the Silver Cup award in Poland’s most prestigious PR competition

1.3 m

views of influencers’ videos on TikTok

192 k

reach of Influencer’s Instagram posts

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