The Challenge

How do you fuel interest with a Gamescom launch, and subsequently keep interest high? 

Pico launched its Pico 3 VR Headset in Germany during Gamescom 2022. Although having launched several VR devices before, this was their first introduction to the German market.

Although not all competitor headsets were available in Europe, Pico needed to build its brand quickly and gain visibility fast. The PR programme aimed to build hype with the launch and retain visibility and interest to secure a successful festive season. 

The Solution

Special Interest Gaming and VR media and KOLs were key to creating hype from the start.

The campaign used strong media relations for all and created stories for a more lifestyle-oriented target group. 

The Results

253 m

Readers were reached in gaming, VR and lifestyle media.


Reviews of the Pico 3 headset in the 3 months after its launch.


Media briefings during Gamescon, with 2 city press brunches in Hamburg & Berlin.

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