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Welcome to Grayling, New York

Reputation’s impact on business performance has never been greater. And this impact is only growing.

The result: it is now a financial imperative for companies to actively address societal challenges rather than solely focus on profits and shareholder returns.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in New York, the financial and cultural center of the world.

Investors are demanding that companies take action on sustainability, inequality and several other issues. But additional stakeholders are insisting that companies give equal weight to their priorities too – and there are severe financial and reputational consequences if companies do not comply.

These priorities are being shaped by an astounding number of factors, from geopolitical developments in foreign countries and technological advancements to generational and cultural trends.

Put simply, there is no precedent for this current era. And there is no simple blueprint for navigating it.

This is where Grayling New York comes in.

We are a diverse group, from disparate backgrounds and generations with different areas of expertise. We represent a broad swath of America and the larger world. And we are proud of it.

Why? Because it’s the right thing to do. But it is also smart business.

It enables us to proactively identify the next major reputational challenges, and provide concrete solutions that turn these challenges into strengths and competitive differentiators for our clients.

How? Through Mission critical, Audience-first, Creative comms, we solve the problems that are critical to business success.

Our solutions are substantive and multifaceted. They incorporate communications, government affairs, strategic partnerships, and many other fields.

Most importantly, they are tailored to our clients’ distinct needs and characteristics.

We are passionate about our clients. We are always thinking of new and creative ways to advise them. And we do not stop until they succeed.

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Danny Strauss Managing Director
Katie Conroy Vice President
Abigail Brewster Account Executive