Putting plant-based seafood brand, Good Catch, on the map…and ruffling some fins along the way



The Challenge

How do you attract attention for a new brand and increase trial in an emerging category?

Spotting all the controversial tuna talk about Subway, Grayling suggested Good Catch offered a no-catch, slightly cheeky, solution. Hijacking an issue which had trickled into the mainstream media, we devised a stunt that would drive people’s attention towards the brand, encourage trial and change long-term behaviour.

Whilst guerrilla marketing in style, the campaign had to have purpose and heart – not just blatant news-jacking for headlines. Our strategy had three key pillars;

  • Shock – leverage a current cultural issue in a tonally appropriate right to create attention
  • Influence – target the bullseye audience with relevant influential parties from environmentalists to influencers and media
  • Taste – ensure trial is integral to the activity, keeping the product at the heart of what we do

Coordinated across two countries and three cities, working closely with the brand’s US agency, the #FishFreeForGood campaign aimed to raise awareness about the harm caused by overfishing.

The Solution

Proving that there’s nothing fishy about plant-based tuna so people should give it a try…

: Two weeks from ideation to delivery, Good Catch branded OurWay food vans toured 11 locations across three cities (and multiple Subway stores), giving away Good Catch ‘footlong tuna subs with no catch’ and generating just the right amount of controversial attention

INFLUENCE: A social-first campaign laser focused on Good Catch’s target market of Gen Z, millenials and conscientious consumers, the team managed photography and videography in real time, so we could seed the campaign out as it happened for maximum impact online.
Multiple unpaid influencer partnerships were negotiated, as well as leveraging existing friends of the brand – the likes of Earthling Ed and Ali Tabrizi, director of Seaspiracy – to back the campaign, asking Subway to go #FishFreeForGood but also consumers to give it a whirl…

TASTE: 2,500 subs were sampled and Good Catch was inundated by consumers globally asking for the OurWay van to come visit. The Good Catch tuna sub recipe was made available online with links to purchase the product and recipe kits were sent to media and influencers so they could attempt their own fish-free footlong

The Results

The campaign received unprecedented support with AdWeek branding it "promotional gold". Subway subsequently threatened legal action (which Good Catch shared on Instagram, sparking thousands more likes for our campaign).

203 %

increase in Google searches for Good Catch Foods

114 %

increase in website visits

30 %

are more likely to try plant based tuna as a result of the campaign

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