Putting illegal logging on the global agenda



The Challenge

How do you mobilise global partners to tackle illegal logging?

Illegal logging accounts for at least 50% of all forestry activities. Advances in technology could prevent illegally logged timber reaching consumers if it was widely adopted by actors across the supply chain.

The Solution

Testing DNA of wood in fight against illegal logging…

We built a powerful economic, environmental and social case for change with forestry trade partners, clients and environmental policy makers, designed to strengthen supply chains and tackle illegal logging. The campaign was led by environmental motivations to raise awareness and take action across all parts of supply chain, forest management practices and at the policy level, by using technology to test wood DNA which provided clear proof that helped counter fraud.

The Results

The strategy exceeded client's expectations. All targets engaged, including BBC and Agence France Presse leading the way. The project won praise from key funders too.

100 +

pieces of coverage secured across 29 countries

1 bn

online/print views generated

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