How did we help PokerStars make an impact on fight night?



The challenge

How could we help PokerStars make an impact on fight night?

PokerStars’ is one of the world’s biggest and best-known online poker brands. Its partnership with UFC was a collision between two of the biggest sports in the world. But how could we ensure that the PokerStars brand wasn’t lost in the noise? Our challenge was to drive brand recognition and consideration around the globe for PokerStars, coordinated from a central hub in London, by leveraging PokerStars’ partnership with UFC ahead one of the biggest fight cards in Rio.

The solution

We took fight cards to the next level…

Bring to life the vast synergies between poker and UFC to make UFC fans, PokerStars fans via authentic experiences and engaging content.

Worked with famous Brazilian street artists and sand sculptors to create unique and bespoke artworks of the UFC 237 fighters depicted on playing cards: Fight Cards with a difference.

The ‘Fight Card Challenge’ saw these artworks and sculptures hidden (with clues to find on social/with influencers) around the city, beaches and main sports arena of Rio.

This created hype around both the fight and the brand partnership – appearing in international media and engaging tens of thousands of fans.

The results

We packed out the pre-fight conference and scored a knockout on social...

300 +

positive media articles in target media

50 million

organic social engagements

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