Bringing positive change to energy policy with Calor



The Challenge

How to protect off-grid customers from negative impacts of new climate policy?

When the UK government proposed an amendment on the Climate Change Levy, we saw that this would have a negative effect for fuel-poor and vulnerable people who live off the national gas grid. These individuals primarily use liquid petroleum gas (LPG) for their energy needs, and the new legislation was threatening a ban on this. How could we help them continue to buy the energy source they so vitally needed? Working with our client Calor, Grayling led a public affairs campaign to ensure the Climate Change Levy excluded LPG and thus protected the energy supplies for off-grid customers.

The Solution

A carefully co-ordinated and integrated campaign.


Our team developed a comprehensive engagement programme with stakeholders across all of the main political parties, Number 10 and key officials within the Treasury.

With Calor leading the charge, we needed them to start this campaign in the best position possible. We began by making Calor’s messaging more robust, and commissioning thorough and credible economic analyses. We also worked with think-tank Policy Exchange to add third-party endorsement to the cause, and created impactful visuals to strengthen and explain Calor’s messages to key decision-makers.

Our work with Calor helped to broaden the policy debate, ensuring that the views of hard-pressed off-grid consumers were represented in Parliament and the devolved assemblies across the UK.

The campaign delivered for both Calor and off-grid customers, as the government agreed to exclude LPG from the Climate Change Levy – our key ask and real success for our client and its customers.

The Results

Positive legislative change delivered...


decision that saw LPG excluded from the Climate Change Levy

100 %

increase in relationships with high profile think-tanks and decision-makers

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