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Influencer Marketing

At Grayling, we recognise influencer marketing as a discipline that not only incorporates multiple channels and platforms but spans across areas of communications expertise. And in modern communications, influencer, KOL and creator engagement is an essential way to connect and engage with target audiences in an ever-evolving media landscape. Our approach differs from the traditional notion of simply identifying individuals with large social followerships and paying them for brand endorsements. We understand and value the unique roles both global celebrities and micro-influencers or content creators play, and we strategically discern the best context for their engagement. We work to understand the client brand, its messaging and the audience it is trying to reach, and through this we develop a strategic approach to influencer identification and engagement which is as much about collaboration as it is about payment.


We see influencers not simply as faces for campaigns but as dynamic creative entities, who can deliver exponential benefits when paired with the right brand, business or campaign through co-creation.


At Grayling, our operations are characterised by an international scope, balanced with local insights. Our teams connect daily with influencers, KOLs and content creators, from globally-recognised stars with vast audiences, to local Instagram and TikTok influencers, experts and creators with smaller yet engaged communities who can achieve incredible results for brands that they feel connected to. It’s through this deep-rooted understanding of the influencer landscape that we can effectively identify those influencers who have the potential to genuinely engage, and motivate, the individuals you need to reach.


Influencer marketing, creator partnerships and management strategies are a key part of our integrated communications mix. This ensures a consistent messaging across varied channels, and ensures that any influencer activity acts as a supportive and coherent part of your wider communications activity rather than simply being a bolt-on addition. With the right influencer, paired with the right brand, the influencer’s unique perspective merges with your brand’s voice, resulting in a campaign that is both true to the influencer and emblematic of your brand ethos.


Our success in influencer marketing stems from our understanding of the digital landscape, the ever-changing dynamics of consumer behaviour and our PR expertise in developing stories and messaging that truly connect with audiences in the right context. Our influencer marketing teams bring together our PR and digital specialists to ensure our strategies not only reach the right audiences but drive tangible results.


We wield the power of data to guide our strategies, ensuring that our influencer campaigns are targeted and effective – and that we can track their impact on your brand, your business or your sales. We forge close partnerships with our influencers, nurturing relationships based on mutual respect and understanding. This spirit of collaboration results in campaigns that are genuine, engaging, and which really deliver.


We develop influencer campaigns that work for you, thanks to our deep understanding of the broad influencer ecosystem – at both national and international level, across global and local social platforms. Our analytical, data-driven approach to understanding our audiences means we know what will resonate with them. By integrating our creative services team into our influencer engagement programs from the outset, we can ensure that we embark upon brand partnerships in the spirit of collaboration and co-creation, which leads to content which feels engaging, authentic and which feels natural for both brand and creator alike. By incorporating influencer marketing into our broader communications strategies, we guarantee a cohesive and powerful narrative that captivates your target audience and propels your brand forward.