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Government Relations and Public Affairs

With the world becoming exponentially more complex, and more interdependent, with each passing year, the relationship between business and government grows ever more complex. – and the significance of establishing lasting relationships with decision-makers and influencers within specific sectors has never been clearer. These crucial connections, particularly with legislators directing economic and policy trajectories, can be fundamental for a business, and can be crucial in delivering success – or mitigating risks.


Our veteran team, comprising specialists across the political spectrum and with decades of experience in the political arena, is equipped to deliver essential political intelligence and strategic guidance. Our dedicated experts have experience drawn from frontline politics and roles in Government in major economies. Stationed in major political hubs such as London and Brussels, and further extended globally, our support knows no geographic boundaries. We offer a thorough understanding of the political landscape, insights into the motivations and mechanics of political stakeholders and the machinery of government, and strategies to foster mutually beneficial relationships. Additionally, we assist in identifying impending risks and potential opportunities, and how to act to create – and maintain – advantage based on this intelligence.


Over the years, we’ve accumulated extensive experience in lobbying and public affairs, evident in our successful track record of executing government relations campaigns across industries and territories for globally recognised brands. Our comprehension of effective communication with political stakeholders transcends a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we meticulously tailor it to the nuances of each stakeholder, offering political consultancy that creates a significant impact on your business.


However, in the digital era, the domain of government relations and public affairs has undergone a dramatic transformation. Acknowledging the growing importance of social media as a channel for engaging policymakers, Grayling has enhanced its capabilities with an innovative initiative: ‘GPol’, our bespoke political social media monitoring and digital advocacy service.


GPol integrates pan-European social listening capabilities with the detailed, local market knowledge of our unrivalled network of Public Affairs consultants spread across nearly 20 countries. This symbiosis generates a nuanced and expansive overview of political dynamics, enabling us to effectively identify shifts in opinion and focus, emergent trends, and new opportunities.


In terms of coverage, GPol is highly flexible, incorporating a wide array of policymakers and other stakeholders. Additionally, the specifics of this service can be adapted to align with your interests, extending across as many European countries as required, including the European Parliament. This exhaustive coverage ensures you stay informed about changing political currents that could potentially impact your business, with the highquality strategic analysis that you would expect from a global leader in government relations and public affairs.


Our approach embodies a comprehensive amalgamation of political intelligence, strategic guidance, lobbying prowess, and digital advocacy, grounded in a deep understanding of effective political communication. Our methodology is devised not just to navigate the complexities of the political landscape but to utilise them to your advantage. By establishing relationships, identifying opportunities, mitigating risks, and shaping narratives, we ensure that your business is not just prepared for, but can capitalise on the evolving political landscape.