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Design and Content production

Our approach to design and content production is, at heart, simple, and grounded in a profound understanding of our clients and the cultural and communications landscape in which they operate, aligned with the potency of inventive storytelling. Utilising these guiding tenets, we create designs and content that engages, mobilises and enthuses your core audiences – and which works in concert with your wider communications strategy to deliver real-world impact to your bottom-line.


Content production and design is coordinated by Grayling’s IGNITE Studios, our in-house team of creatives, designers, graphic artists and makers, which operates as a central resource for our teams worldwide, meaning that we are able to combine the large-scale creative firepower of a global agency with the on-the-ground knowledge and cultural understanding of a boutique agency. Through IGNITE, we offer clients worldwide unmatched support when it comes to content creation, design, and branding.


Whether the task involves shaping a new brand persona, creating animated social content, conceptualising arresting digital or print designs, producing striking graphic designs, architecting complex 3D models, or generating state-of-the-art motion graphics, our team is equipped to deliver. Our multimedia competence allows us to function as not simply as a delivery partner but as a true creative peer, assisting clients across both tactical execution and creative strategy as required, converting our clients’ objectives into tangible outcomes that command attention. 


We have been instrumental in the creation of global digital assets for some of the planet’s most eminent brands. These resources, specifically designed for global allure and adaptability, are deployed across social media channels worldwide, to cement and strengthen brands’ digital presence as well as driving product sales. From creating videos that bring a brand narrative to life, to developing new brand identities to bring to market, IGNITE offers a full spectrum of creative, design and production services which amplify visibility, incite engagement, and spur revenue growth.


In addition, our status as an integrated communications agency means that we’re not only able to create compelling content and distinct design, but also that we can ensure it’s optimised to reach the audiences that matter to you. Whether through powerful media relations, strategic deployment of social media, or a targeted paid media campaign crossing digital and traditional channels alike, we understand that creation is only one part of the puzzle. 


The proficiency of our team, complemented by the expansive reach of IGNITE Studios, ensures that our design and content production remain consistently high-quality, impactful, and customised to our clients’ distinct requirements, which is why global brands entrust us with the creation of their creative and visual assets. 


Our approach to design and content production is anchored in a simple yet potent principle: understanding our clients and narrating their stories in the most imaginative and engaging manner conceivable. This approach, implemented via the collaborative efforts of IGNITE Studios, allows us to develop and execute successful campaigns that truly resonate with the audiences our clients aspire to reach. Through the strategic implementation of best-in-class visual talent, we drive visibility, engagement, and revenue for our clients – that’s how we create advantage. 

Design Portfolio

easyJet holidays digital campaign

We created a brand video to be played at a launch event for easyJet holidays. Using existing footage and text overlay, we created this fast-paced and engaging video to promote easyJet holidays and their brand.

BetStars Rasputin Rebooted

We produced a World Cup anthem with indie royalty Ricky Wilson and cricket legend Freddie Flintoff re-recording Rasputin by Boney-M. All in under a month.

Easyjet Animation

As EasyJet Holidays prepared to welcome customers back on board post-lockdown, we created an animated video that communicated the new COVID safe way to travel that was informative, yet positive, and left customers excited for their upcoming holiday.

Jacob’s Creek Snack Matches

Founded on solid data, our experts paired the Jacob’s Creek wine portfolio with the nation’s most popular snacks –from crisps to pizza, popcorn to pita. The matches were brought to life through a series of 10-second model animations for social media.

Pokerstars Rio UFC

Working with a local Brazilian artist we created bespoke Fight Cards featuring the UFC contestants. Giant versions of the cards, carrying considerable prizes were hidden around Rio. Limited edition packs of cards were also made available via the PokerStars website.

World Health Organisation

The United Nations (UN) invited creatives to translate critical public health messages, into work that will engage and inform people across different cultures, languages, communities and platforms. We chose to recreate famous movie posters and adapt them to give a clear and important message relating to Covid-19.

RBM Partnership to End Malaria

The COVID-19 pandemic poses significant risks to the global fight against malaria.

The infographic’s purpose is to provide an overview of how COVID-19 could impact malaria elimination efforts, and educate people on the different drugs used for malaria treatment.

This infographic will be uploaded to the RBM website and used as an educational tool for partner organisations and journalists.

Carnival Cruise Line

Print advert series featured in Travel Weekly magazine, calling Travel Agents to complete bookings, receive rewards and enter competitions.

Angel Trains

Grayling worked with Angel Trains to refresh and redesign their adverts, which appear in industry trade publications, award sponsorships and special rail editions.

We redesigned the adverts in line with Angel Trains’ 3 key themes; Skills, Investment and Innovation, producing 3x adverts per theme, totalling 9 adverts.

We started by creating an entirely new template for the adverts, using the Angel Trains green colour palette and in the shape of the Angel Trains “g” to indicate movement and brand consistency.


CFMS wanted to create a professional and impactful annual report which highlights their achievements. The brochure was used as a soft-selling tool.