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Data and Research

In an era characterised by information overload, harnessing the power of data and research is pivotal to delivering brand’s success. At Grayling, our approach to data and research is rooted in our commitment to delivering communications strategies that are both evidence-based and insight-driven, offering guidance based on substantive research and sharp analysis.


Our comprehensive suite of specialist services aims to distil complexity into actionable insights. We start by identifying audience and business challenges and opportunities, utilising data analysis and market research to shed light on the business environment in which you operate, deliver customer and audience insights and helping you deepen your understanding of brand’s position in the wider ecosystem. Our research process aims to go beyond the surface, delving into the heart of your brand to create compelling, owned insights that fuel our communication strategies.


Once the groundwork is set, we move towards testing our messages for resonance and effectiveness. We believe in the power of iterative refinement, leveraging real-time feedback and data analytics to ensure that our strategies are optimised to drive the desired outcomes. This constant feedback loop allows us to measure the impact of our work and to demonstrate the return on investment to our clients.


Our suite of proprietary tools – G Pol, G Core, Consumer/Public Perceptions Audit, Stakeholder Perceptions Audit, and Advantage Analytics – are designed to support this rigorous process. G Pol and G Core, for instance, enable us to monitor social media sentiments and manage brand reputation online, ensuring that our communication strategies are aligned with the prevailing public sentiment and are robust enough to weather any potential challenges.


We also place a strong emphasis on audience behaviour diagnosis, using a systematic approach to identify the triggers and barriers that influence audience behaviour. By adopting the COM-B (capability, opportunity, motivation) framework, we strive to design strategies that effectively drive the desired behaviour, whether it involves shifting public opinion or promoting a new product.


Our in-house insight team, working hand-in-hand with client account teams, specialises in creating compelling data stories that captivate the attention of earned media. We have an excellent track record in deriving actionable insights from existing client data sets and crafting compelling narratives that drive coverage, conversation and conversion among your target audience.


Our comprehensive evaluation process is another critical component of our data and research strategy. By assessing how our communications resonate with audiences, we can recommend tactical improvements to strengthen the impact of our messaging and creative strategies, and to ensure that we are consistently delivering against your objectives. Through A/B testing of campaign messaging and robust campaign measurement frameworks, we ensure that we continually optimise our communication strategies based on real-world performance data.


The end product of our data and research approach is a detailed, interactive dashboard that visualises your brand’s performance across a range of key metrics. This data-driven snapshot offers you a clear view of your brand’s positioning, challenges, and opportunities, and serves as a roadmap for future communication strategies – as well as empowering our clients to consistently track our performance.


At Grayling, we recognise that data and research are the lifeblood of effective communication. Our approach aims to leverage the power of data to create insight-led, result-oriented communication strategies that deliver measurable results for our clients. We are committed to ensuring that every communication strategy we design is backed by robust data and insightful research, reinforcing our commitment to helping our clients achieve their communication goals in the most effective and efficient way possible.