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Creative Services

It’s not enough to just issue press releases any more. In a truly multimedia world, the need for high-quality storytelling around a brand or business, delivered through a mix of dynamic, engaging content, has never been greater. To help clients meet this need, Grayling has developed Ignite, our creative services team which works across the agency worldwide to deliver compelling, creative communications for clients. Using cutting-edge data analysis and insight development techniques, aligned with best-in-class content production capabilities, means we can craft narratives that come to life across platforms and resonate across audiences.


Although the heart of Grayling Ignite pulses in London, the team’s influence is felt across the entirety of our global network. The team benefits from the multi-faceted and nuanced viewpoints of a diverse assembly of creatives and planners. Each planner leverages a suite of advanced insight, trend analysis, and market intelligence tools. This access guarantees not only an exhaustive understanding of the most global trends and how best to leverage them, but also creates a strong foundation for the formulation of more effective strategies and creative tactics.


Our unique strength lies in our capacity to engage audiences, harness valuable data, and thoroughly evaluate our creative thinking beyond traditional boundaries. This approach allows us to create highly bespoke strategies that align with target audiences, cultivate impactful connections, and drive substantial business outcomes.


Our creative services offering is enriched through a strategic collaboration with the highly lauded School of Communication Arts based on South London. This partnership offers our creative professionals frequent opportunities to collaborate with a diverse assortment of creative pairs, fostering a vibrant exchange of ideas and perspectives. The result is a flexible and dynamic creative environment that consistently challenges conventional thinking and delivers innovative solutions to the challenges posed by our clients.


Our value proposition encompasses the delivery of a boutique agency’s creative services, bolstered by the scale and support of a global agency. It’s a blend of individual attention, creative expertise, and comprehensive resources that differentiates us. We recognise the uniqueness of each client and project, and we are dedicated to delivering customised, data-informed, and strategic creative solutions that align with specific business objectives and audience preferences.


Whether it’s delivering a suite of visual assets for a global technology brand to use across its social channels worldwide, or developing shortform documentary content to educate stakeholders about a vital campaigning issue, Grayling Ignite delivers high-quality, insightled content which reflects your business’ core strategic priorities and delivers against your goals. We are medium agnostic, channel agnostic, and platform agnostic – Whether audio or video, visual or virtual, we craft what your business needs to reach the people that matter.


Our work, though, extends beyond the creation of visually appealing content. It’s about utilising the power of creativity to narrate engaging stories, stimulate meaningful engagement, and create advantage for our clients. By merging insightful planning, strategic thinking, and creative excellence, we ensure our clients’ messages resonate with their target audiences, leaving enduring impressions that deliver meaningful business success.