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Grayling Cardiff
Croeso i Grayling, Caerdydd

Providing public affairs and communications support across Wales since before devolution.

Darparu cymorth materion cyhoeddus a chyfathrebu ar draws Cymru ers cyn datganoli.

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Welcome to Grayling, Cardiff

We’re proud to be in Wales, delivering locally and connecting globally.

Our team in Wales was around before devolution, changing perceptions and creating advantage, channelling ambition.

We believe your ambitions can truly take off when you’re connected.

At Grayling, Cardiff, we’re connected to 8 UK offices, 25 European ones and 30 worldwide.

We believe connection and a strong local identity is what makes us Wales’ number one public affairs and communications agency.

Since 1998, we’ve drawn on our rich and varied backgrounds to build relationships, develop networks and create contacts here in Wales, and beyond.

And that’s how to create advantage.

We connect with you, then we help you connect with the world.

That’s why BT, The Crown Estate, NHBC, Red Bull and Network Rail trust in us.

We deliver fresh, entertaining, adaptable, and innovative ways to consume media.

Campaigns that connect in the hearts and minds of your audience, relevant both locally and for a worldwide audience

We do healthcare, telecoms, retail, tech, food and drink, energy, education and professional services.

We get that not all agencies cover all bases like we can. But not all agencies have a can-do attitude like we do.

Our sweet spot is public affairs and corporate communications, but because of our Grayling network, we have genuine specialist teams for every communication need.

Wales is home to major achievements in business, industry, and global icons in literature, sport, and music.

Drawing strength from your connections, makes you feel big enough to achieve anything.

We’re Grayling, Cardiff; let’s connect.

Our Team

Alan Boyd-Hall Head of Public Affairs
Sian Jones Director, Public Affairs

Some of the trophies we've taken home