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We’re a a fully-integrated communications agency with the flexibility, expertise and resources to support all aspects of your communication needs

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Welcome to Grayling, Sofia

We serve as your local conduit to the Bulgarian market.

Our team, a seasoned cadre of professionals and local experts, boasts 20 years experience navigating the complexities of our media market.

Armed with an in-depth comprehension of regulations, political scenarios, and the motivating factors that propel administrative processes, we can help you enter the market or expand your position within it.

We’re poised to assist in devising strategies and resolving intricate challenges, providing a comprehensive suite of services across corporate communications. Our expertise spans crisis management, public affairs and government relations, consumer marketing, event management, and media and influencer relations. 

We’re familiar with every intricacy of the local landscape—the sharp turns, the hurdles, and the short-cuts. We can guide you along the path of least resistance and expose you to avenues less travelled.

We maintain strong connections—locally with industries, government, and media, and internationally with our teams across the globe. Among our satisfied clients, you’ll find names like Google, Nokia, eBay, GE, Vienna Insurance, and Diageo.

Blending global awareness with local insights, we deliver high-grade market intelligence and stakeholder mapping services, beyond the offerings of any major trade associations or international trade chambers.

We are Grayling Sofia, and we create advantage. 


Our Leadership Team

Peter Fecko Regional CEO, Central & Eastern Europe
Nataša Trslic Štambak Managing Director, Central & Eastern Europe
Zornitsa Ivanova Deputy Country Manager