Life at Grayling: Interview with Work Experience student Harry Winters

Third year BA Journalism with Public Relations student, Harry Winters undertook an exciting two-week placement with Grayling North, working alongside the team in our Leeds and Manchester offices. Harry tells us about his time spent with us, the projects he worked on and his key learnings.

What first attracted you to apply to do work experience at Grayling?

Having the chance to gain experience, learn and develop skills at an award-winning international agency with such a vast number of leading clients was an incredibly attractive and exciting opportunity. Additionally, given my interests in current affairs and politics, the crossover between PR and PA provided a unique offer to experience different types of the communications mix.

Why do you want to start a career in PR?

I want to start a career in PR because of the chance to combine a variety of interests across a range of creative and digital areas; such as campaign and event management, social media, content creation and media relations.

What has been your favourite moment during your time at Grayling?

Being able to actively work on a number of exciting campaigns and create content for high-profile clients has been a notable highlight during my time at Grayling.

I’ve had the chance to write press releases, create media packs, undertake stakeholder mapping, compile post-campaign reports, and be involved in campaign ideation. There is a real satisfaction in knowing that your work will positively impact clients and their stakeholders.

What did you find most challenging whilst doing work experience at Grayling?

The range of work, coupled with niche topic areas and specific audience demands, requires a thorough understanding of the client brief. Getting to grips with the brief amid a fast-paced working environment was personally the most challenging hurdle for me to initially overcome but I enjoyed being pushed out of my comfort zone and soon got used to the fast-moving pace of work.

How has your time at Grayling helped you with your career development?

Grayling has provided me with the opportunity to put degree learnings into practice, alongside developing new skills and a deeper understanding of the industry.

Having the chance to undertake a wide variety of work has allowed me to discover new areas of interest, enhance my skillset, and equip me with key knowledge to take forward into a PR career.

Sum up your time at Grayling in three words.

Empowering. Exciting. Enriching.

What is next on the horizon for you?

I will complete my degree at the University of Salford ahead of hopefully starting a career within the PR industry in 2024.