COVID Trends

2020 has been defined by the COVID-19 virus, its development into a global pandemic, and the manner in which societies around the world have responded to the threat posed.
It’s affected every aspect of life, not least communications – what we talk about, how we say it and the way in which we communicate it has altered in ways unimaginable back in 2019. The way the world looks now is very different to the way it did 12 months ago – and the changes won’t stop here.
At Grayling, we use our international network of experts to explore some of the biggest communications challenges facing global brands today – and COVID is no exception. Over the course of the pandemic, we have prepared a series of short presentations which look at some of the trends which are shaping business and communications, and how brands and business can take advantage of them when considering their PR and marketing activity.
As we prepare to launch the second of these in early-November, we’d like to share the first with you.
Download the PDF here
Covering the death of the online vs offline divide, the resurgence of community, the growing importance of humanity in business, the importance of a clearly-defined remit for brand communications and the opportunities afforded by disruption in all sectors, we hope you’ll find it an interesting read.
If you would like to secure an invitation to one of the presentations we’ll be hosting around our next COVID Trends report, please get in contact with us at info@grayling.com and we’ll be in touch.