#bakeagainstpoverty: Grayling communicates internationally for social business Vollpension

The Viennese social business Vollpension actively campaigns against old-age poverty around the world and has launched the #bakeagainstpoverty initiative for this purpose. Now, Grayling’s offices in more than 20 countries worldwide are raising awareness of the initiative through targeted media relations and strategic communications consultancy – all on a pro bono basis.

Old-age poverty and isolation are two growing challenges worldwide that have been massively intensified by the Covid pandemic. In Austria alone, more than 220,000 senior citizens live in old-age poverty, a large proportion of whom are women. The social business Vollpension is not only actively committed to combating this problem in Austria, it also offers a cross-border solution to growing old-age poverty and loneliness with its international baking platform, #bakeagainstpoverty.

Bake around the world

Senior citizens from all over the world can apply until 15th September 2021 to generate income through online baking courses from their kitchen at home, with the added benefit of avoided loneliness during the pandemic and staying in digital contact with other people. The Viennese social business wants to encourage as many senior citizens from as many countries as possible to apply for the “Bake Against Poverty” campaign and will support the participants with training in media and digital skills. The first baking courses will go online at www.bakeagainstpoverty.com in autumn 2021. Through this international baking platform, Bake Against Poverty offers a cross-border solution to the growing problem of poverty and loneliness among the elderly.

Grayling supports in more than 20 countries

“Old-age poverty is an issue all over the world, even in countries like Austria that have strong social security systems”, said Hannah Lux, one of the founders of Vollpension. “The local Grayling team, plus the agency’s international network, was our preferred partner and the great media response from countries like Spain, the Philippines and even neighbouring Germany confirms that we made the right choice.”

The international hub for the project is in Austria and Grayling’s corporate affairs team of Kilian v. Dallwitz, Michaela Schützinger and Johanna Wenzl coordinates media relations in more than 20 countries, including the USA, UK, China, France, Germany, Spain and Russia, with Grayling’s international offices rolling out activities using their local and cultural know-how.

“Poverty and a lack of digital literacy in old age are among the great challenges of our time and we see it as part of our social responsibility to support this initiative pro bono,” said Grayling Austria CEO Sigrid Krupica. “We are proud to be able to leverage our international network for this client. The successful international roll-out is an impressive demonstration of how relevant the topic is in other countries too.”


For inquiries, please contact berith.hagvaag@grayling.com.


Photo: From left to right: Kilian v. Dallwitz, Sigrid Krupica (both Grayling Austria), Hannah Lux (Co-founder, Vollpension), Johanna Wenzl, Michaela Schützinger (both Grayling Austria), in front: Granny Kathrin from the Vollpension team in Vienna. Copyright: Marvin Strauss.