On the Move: A Pre-Election Snapshot of EU Transport Policy

With the European elections on the horizon, Grayling Brussels is proud to present its first in a series of deep dives into the European Union’s transport policy landscape. This report offers a snapshot of the pivotal issues set to shape policy discussions during the next European mandate. Delving into legislative trends, party manifestos, and the influence of key MEPs, we provide a strategic overview of the key issues catching the attention of both MEP’s and voters alike.

Our analysis utilises cutting-edge data analytics tools and in-depth sectoral expertise to examine how transport and mobility policy is discussed across digital platforms, particularly focusing on key MEPs likely to drive the agenda forward following June’s elections. As we continue to monitor the election landscape, this report offers policymakers, industry leaders, and academics a detailed and engaging snapshot of what to expect in the European transport sector from 2024 to 2029.

What you will learn from the report:

    • Notable absence of right-wing MEPs in online transport policy debates, hinting at different priority areas within their political agenda.
    • Strong alignment among left-leaning to centre-right MEPs on transport and mobility priorities, including sustainability and infrastructure investment.
    • Strategic shifts in focus towards emphasizing EU competitiveness and effective legislation implementation, harnessing digital platforms for policy influence, and aligning communication with environmental themes to enhance support.

Download the full report.