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An Overview of Geopolitical Risks in 2023 in Central and Eastern Europe

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Grayling CEE has prepared an outlook for 2023 – a collection of extensive local knowledge about the developments in Central and Eastern Europe influenced by the global geo-political happenings.

The overview provides a summary of the political developments in CEE countries over the past 12 months including election outcomes, policy changes and social movements. It also examines the implications of current global and regional developments expected in 2023.

The last year has brought numerous challenges to countries in Central and Eastern Europe, as it did for most of the continent. The biggest game-changer was the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, which brought new dimensions of complexity and uncertainty to the regional environment followed by significant inflation pressures as well as material shortages in some cases.

In 2023, the countries of the region will likely continue to face various challenges and opportunities. The ongoing conflict in Ukraine will continue to impact the region’s political and economic landscape, although some mid-term optimism has returned regarding economic indicators. All EU countries from CEE region are preparing for the European Parliament election year in 2024, and on individual country level governments are seeking to gain an advantage over their political opponents before national elections. The outcome of national elections will largely depend on the level of democracy in individual countries, economic circumstances and citizens’ feelings about current establishments.

You can download Grayling’s Outlook from here.

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