Grayling Poland hits the road with BMW Group Polska

On August 1, Grayling Poland welcomed in its client portfolio BMW Group Polska, the owner of BMW and MINI brands.

Under the permanent contract the agency is responsible for the consulting and execution of communication strategy, including corporate communication and lifestyle messaging for the models of BMW and MINI brands, the execution of CSR activities, and crisis management support. Grayling Poland will be also developing creative concepts for events and coordinating cooperation with influencers. In addition, the agency will be providing public affairs consultancy to BMW Group Polska, particularly in the area of electromobility. Grayling won the contract  from BMW Group Polska after submitting a successful offer in a tender.

“We are very pleased with this new cooperation with BMW Group Polska, which owns such unique brands as BMW and MINI. This signing feels special because by winning this tender Grayling will be overseeing all communication areas. We are confident that our vast experience and deep expertise in corporate communication, public affairs, and consumer and digital communication, will be on full display as we begin executing a wide range of activities for our new client,” said Klara Banaszewska, General Manager, Grayling Poland.

The BMW Group, representing BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad, is a global leader in premium cars and motorcycles, and a provider of high-quality financial and mobile services. The company has been a supporter of various electromobility initiatives in Poland and around the world. In 2018, BMW Group Polska was named Leader of Electromobility for its commitment to zero- and low-carbon transport and sustainable product development, which are core parts of BMW Group Polska’s strategy.