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Welcome to Grayling, Ljubljana

Welcome to Grayling, Ljubljana.

With the city described as one of Europe’s most vibrant cities, greenest capitals, and even hailed as the “new Berlin,” it is no wonder that Grayling, Ljubljana is a trailblazer in the field of modern communications, influencer relations and social media management.

As specialists in corporate affairs, public affairs, and public relations, we leverage our profound local knowledge, being at the heart of Slovenia’s cultural, educational, economic, political, and administrative hub.

Further bolstering our reach, we are interconnected with over 30 Grayling offices globally, enhancing our position as one of the most internationally linked agencies.

However, our geographical advantage is only part of our success story. Our team’s capabilities significantly contribute to our accomplishments.

Our team adeptly navigates the internal dynamics within companies, managing potential conflicts between regions, global and local hubs, or even between a CMO and CEO. Success in these delicate situations is achieved by maintaining composure and a clear focus, regardless of the circumstances.

Our ability to deliver quality work under pressure is perhaps why globally recognized brands such as Google, Samsung, Visa, Mars, Viasat, and PlanRadar choose Grayling, Ljubljana.

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