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Welcome to Grayling Romania

At the heart of our approach is intelligent storytelling.

Every outstanding company possesses a compelling narrative—your purpose, your values, the challenges that drive you, the ambitions that propel you. This narrative distinguishes you from your competitors.

Your story is your hidden advantage.

We refine it, amplify it, and ensure it resonates with the right audience at the opportune time. This could be other businesses, consumers, or governmental entities—all strategically informed by data. That’s intelligent storytelling. That’s influence.

The power of a well-crafted narrative can shift opinions, transform behaviours, increase sales, and alter business trajectories.

That is our mission for you.

We pioneered the international agency presence in Romania and remain one of the few genuinely full-service agencies in the region.

We are uniquely positioned, equipped with the capability, expertise, and network to deliver integrated corporate communication, public affairs, and public relation services at consistently high standards.

Our Bucharest team is carefully selected to form a synergistic intelligence collective, with expertise spanning management consulting, journalism, government relations, public sector, and marketing.

Supported by our affiliations with 30 other Grayling teams worldwide, our network is extensive. This potent combination of global experience and local insight has enabled us to cultivate enduring relationships with clients such as Bolt, Google, IKEA, Netflix, and Visa Inc. , enhancing their brand value and revenues.

And this is how we’ll ensure your story is not only heard but remembered.

Do you have a story to share?

Reach out to us at Grayling, Bucharest.

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