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Metis from Grayling

Protect your organisation’s reputation with Metis from Grayling

Reputation is a valuable asset for any organisation or individual. One negative story or controversy could cause lasting damage to the brand and its prospects. How do you protect your brand’s reputation in an interconnected globe where one unverified rumour can spread worldwide in seconds and cause instant damage? This is where Grayling’s Metis service comes in.

Forewarned is forearmed
Journalists, activist shareholders, and pressure groups are experts at uncovering damaging information about brands. The risks for brands are significant, but organisations can avoid or mitigate potential damage and disruption with appropriate preparation.

However, only some organisations have the resources or expertise to accurately identify and assess all the risks to their reputation.

With our bespoke Metis service, Grayling can help you.

About Grayling’s Metis reputation management service
Metis is named after the Greek goddess of wisdom and is our unique solution that helps brands stay ahead of reputational risk. Metis works by replicating the processes and tools that journalists, activist shareholders, and pressure groups use to uncover damaging information.

A Metis investigation will:

  • Identify and rank the most urgent media and political risks you face
  • Rate each one according to how high the risk is and how damaging it could be
  • Demonstrate how it would play out with sample news stories and scenarios
  • Advise on measures to avoid or mitigate any damage

Organisations can use a Metis investigation for a range of reputational checks, including general crisis preparation, supply chain due diligence, environmental, social and governance (ESG), strategy review and pre-acquisition due diligence.


“Brands must always be vigilant, as a reputational threat can arise at any moment, from outside – and often even within – the organisation. Grayling’s Metis empowers organisations to identify and prepare for potential threats to their reputation so that business can continue with minimal disruption.”
Tim Saunders, Director of Political Strategy, Grayling


Here’s how Metis works:


Grayling’s Metis service in action
So, what does a real-world Metis investigation look like? Here’s an example case study we executed with Metis.

The brief: We were approached by a multinational company about to launch a high-profile public sector bid. The company wanted to prepare for the detailed scrutiny it would come under from the media, politicians, and government.

Our approach: We examined the company’s history, its operations across multiple countries, the activities of key personnel along with sectoral developments, parliamentary proceedings, regulatory and legal issues, and even the latest scientific research on its area of activity, looking for controversy, issues or concerns and negatives that could undermine the bid.

The scope: Our in-country researchers searched native local press articles, broadcast interviews, social media, court records and parliamentary transcripts for negative stories. We analysed employee forums, political contributions, marketing material and science papers, and company executives’ digital footprint and financial interests. We also used forensic accountants to analyse company financials.

The result: Our findings enabled the company to plan its campaign to avoid areas of controversy, remove damaging social media posts, tackle false allegations that had gone uncorrected, prepare responses to questions about its tax affairs and amend inappropriate language in its marketing.

Let us prepare you for potential reputational challenges
Does your organisation face potential reputational challenges? Are you curious to understand where threats may come from so you can prepare for every eventuality? Our senior consultants are keen to discuss how Metis can work for you. Do please contact us at

All enquiries are treated in the strictest confidence.

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