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We are a global communications agency. Building meaningful connections for our clients is our purpose and passion.

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Welcome to Grayling, Warsaw

We don’t say we’re a full-service communications agency lightly.

Everything from corporate and consumer communications to public affairs, social media and content creation to event management, we really do it all.

And we do it really well, too.

It’s because we know we’re right at the hub of Central and Eastern Europe, and we act like it.

We own more offices in Central and Eastern Europe than any other agency group.

We work closely with our teams in London, Moscow, Vienna and Brussels to bring a global mindset to our local insights.

We connect with a broad range of audiences – from parliament to corporations, media to influencers.

We serve big-name clients like Sony, BMW and Primark, as well as challenger start-ups.

Big, small, national, local – it all gets our creative juices flowing.

And it’s the blending of all these juices – all our specialisations – that makes us so good.

Like, one of Poland’s top 10 PR agencies good.

Our Clients

Some of the brands who choose to work with us in Poland

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Our Team

Klara Banaszewska General Manager Linkedin
Anna Popłonkowska Director | Head of Corporate Linkedin
Ira Czerniawska Director | Head of Consumer Linkedin
Iga Wilczyńska Director | Head of Public Affairs Linkedin
Bartosz Sroka Director | Head of Operations Linkedin
Łukasz Napora Creative Director Linkedin