International Women’s Day – Inspire Inclusion

I am a big fan of International Women’s Day and try to do something to mark it each year – so this year was no different.

I originally asked my colleagues if they would let me interview them on a run – don’t judge me, I’ve got very into ‘runtok’.

Brought back down to earth by the looks that shortly followed and the realisation our company insurance probably doesn’t cover my delusions of grandeur around my cardiovascular fitness, we all agreed it was best to take this outside, but simply to our office balcony.

And I’m glad I did, because I got to really listen.

Phoebe, Vanessa and Jo talking about International Women’s Day and their hopes for the future brought a genuine smile to my face.

Phoebe touched on the key issue of retention; getting women through the front door is great, but how do you make your workplace attractive for women to stay?

Vanessa highlighted it’s not only about listening, but also action. To lend an ear is simply not enough, we all must take considered action and follow through.

Finally, Jo spoke of how women who have a seat at the table have a duty to help guide and shape a better world.  Yes, we would all like it if that responsibility didn’t fall to us, but is that realistic? If we have that seat, let’s be vocal.

I wish I could have spoken to every single one of my colleagues. Microaggressions, news cycles and simply everyday sexism can be lonely and exhausting. But when you realise you work with some pretty fantastic women, standing next to you and fighting the good fight, its uplifting and inspiring.

Sasha Colvile, Global Growth Manager, Grayling

Check out the full video here.