Creating Advantage in 2024: New Grayling Report Reveals Key Trends Shaping Communications

Grayling, a global leader in strategic communications, has today unveiled its annual trend report, “Creating Advantage 2024”, providing valuable insights for businesses navigating the dynamic landscape of communications.

The first part of the report provides a comprehensive look at the five key trends that will define the global landscape in the upcoming year, accompanied by insights from Grayling’s expert voices around the world. The report offers Grayling’s perspective and serves as a navigational tool for the complexities of 2024.

The five key trends identified are:

  • The Year of Elections: 2024 is set to be the busiest election year to date, with around half of the global population voting in over 70 countries. Geopolitical shifts, especially the U.S. presidential election in November, are expected to profoundly affect businesses and industries.
  • All Eyes on AI: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is expected to become a ubiquitous feature of the workplace and our daily lives. Businesses will need to support and include employees on the AI journey to avoid potential reputational risks.
  • Reviving Sustainability: Despite evidence suggesting that momentum on sustainable action is waning, the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) intends to elevate the issue, ensuring fair, transparent, accountable and accessible reporting from all businesses.
  • Less Noise, More Help, More Hope: In an era of rapid digital evolution, exemplified by Meta’s introduction of Threads in 2023 and the surge of AI filters on TikTok, businesses must maintain focus on the people at the receiving end and craft content that genuinely connects and inspires.
  • Embracing De-Growth: Advocating for reduced consumption and a “less is more” philosophy, the de-growth movement is witnessing a notable rise, as seen in the success of second-hand fashion marketplaces like Vinted. The trend highlights the sustained relevance of sustainability in consumer awareness.

Building on these insights, the second part of the report outlines 10 developments that organisations can act on immediately to create advantage. These range from harnessing the expanding influence of social commentators within the media sphere to making the most of the revival of in-person events, identifying opportunities for companies to seize and stay ahead of the crowd in this year’s competitive landscape.

“2024 has the potential to shape our world for years to come, with pivotal elections and rapid evolution in technology and healthcare. But change, while sometimes daunting, is the foundation of opportunity,” said Richard Jukes, Global Chief Executive Officer at Grayling. “Against this backdrop, Grayling’s Creating Advantage Report outlines how to leverage these shifts; understanding their nuances and preparing to navigate them strategically. The future is unfolding, and it’s filled with opportunities for those ready to harness them.” 

Click here to download a copy of the full report.