My Life At Grayling: Meet Aigerim, a senior exec in our corporate team

We’re a diverse group of brand communications experts, corporate and public affairs specialists, strategists, researchers, data analysts, designers, creatives and consultants who come together to create powerful, simple solutions, that create advantage for our clients.

Our My Life At Grayling series delves beneath the surface of our work, introducing you to the individuals who breathe life into it. We sat down with Aigerim, a Senior Executive in our Corporate Affairs team, to chat about her career journey and her role at Grayling.

1. Can you share with us how you entered the world of Corporate Affairs and agency life?

I’ve spent over a decade in diplomacy but have always been in the comms side of the business, first at the foreign ministry of Kazakhstan and later at its embassy in London. After leaving the world of diplomacy I pursued a one-year master’s degree at LSE and now, here I am!

2. Tell us a bit more about the Corporate Affairs team at Grayling.

I genuinely believe it’s a dream team – a perfect blend of professionalism, support and genuine kindness. I joined Grayling about 5 months ago and have felt welcome from day one. They are also incredibly hilarious, each day at the office feels like a celebration of wit and intellectual banter.

3. Reflecting on your career, what accomplishment stands out to you the most?

I’d mark two: the first would be my participation in the Lord Mayor’s Show where I was interviewed live by BBC One. The second one is that I left a safe and prestigious diplomatic career behind, went back to university, and made a massive career change – all over the age of 30. It was, and still is, challenging and terrifying. But so worth it!

4. What aspects of your role do you find particularly fulfilling?

I love every aspect of my job. The highlight is the creative process where you need to produce something that would catch the eye and the mind of an audience. Yet, the most fulfilling work is one that contributes to a good cause. In my case that revolves around renewable energy, environmental protection, sustainable development, and the pursuit of net zero.

5. Outside of work, what do you do to relax?

Since our work requires increased cognitive effort, I think the best way to unwind is through physical activity. Whether it’s hitting the gym or taking a walk, it helps me clear my mind, brighten my mood and recharge my batteries.

I also enjoy having conversations with my two kids – but only one-on-one because together, these natural chatterboxes turn everything into chaos! The most interesting things happen in their beautiful minds and I appreciate the chance to support them in their growth as individuals.

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