Creativity that Connects: Let’s get emotional

This month we launch new creative proposition “Creativity That Connects” to harness the power of emotion in creative campaigns.


We all feel them.

Every single day.

In fact, the average person feels more than 400 emotions every day.

Think about it, what have you felt today?

Happiness? Sadness? Fear? Surprise? Disgust? Joy? Frustration? Pride? Contentment? Amusement? Excitement? Anger? Envy? Amazement? Interest?

What’s really interesting is that our brains are hard-wired to give emotions the upper hand over logic and rational thought.

Simply put; emotions drive action.

Emotions drive everything; from the causes you support, the products you buy, the TikToks you engage with and the political parties you align with.

That’s why at Grayling we have been building a new creative proposition that puts emotion at the heart of creative work that we create and put out to the world.

We call it “Creativity That Connects”.


As a business we thrive on pushing the boundaries of creativity and building ideas that foster meaningful change.

Emotions are the secret weapon to doing that and we believe that by putting emotions at the heart of our work and making the audience we are reaching – whether that’s a journalist, a creator, a consumer, a politician, whoever – actually feel something then we can cut through on a deeper level.

After all, no matter where you fit in within ‘audience segmentation’, we all have emotions.

So from here on in, when you see a Grayling campaign we hope that you will also feel something from that campaign.

We’re not here to create work for the sake of creating work, we are here to create work that connects emotionally and, crucially, drives action.

If you’d like support with your creative campaigns, please get in touch here.