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Crisis planning and reputation management

We have been helping to manage the reputations of some of the world’s biggest brands and largest organisations for decades. Our core mission is to prevent foreseeable harm to business reputation before it occurs, and to be ahead of the game when a crisis does hit.

To help assess the threats to your reputation, to spot crises before they happen, and to bring certainty to future planning, we have developed Grayling MetisMetis is designed to take the guesswork out of managing reputational risk by providing businesses with the information they need to accurately assess where their vulnerabilities lie.

Metis uses state-of-the-art digital and investigative tools to identify the root causes of media, political, digital and investor risk, and visualise the potential scenarios that are likely to harm an organisation’s reputation – giving businesses and brands the knowledge they need to guard against reputational harm wherever it may occur.  


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Crisis planning and reputation management

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