Promoting eBay’s efforts to support SMBs during the uncertainty of the early stages of the pandemic



The Challenge

How do you reassure SMBs about international sales on eBay with international delivery becoming increasingly probematic?

With boarder closures, reduction of supplies, and multiple delivery service delays across the world, many eBay merchants were struggling with a decline in sales, a drop in customer ranking, and overall were overwhelmed and unsure as to the future of their business.

We needed to let them know that eBay is here for them and offers lots of opportunities to ensure business continuity and revenue streams, even during turbulent times, while actively helping with any challenges they might face.

The Solution

Educating sellers and enganging local customers…

We brought a global eBay initiative – “Always Open” – to Russia, Greece, Bulgaria, and the Baltic States. “Always Open” provides SMBs with special benefits and support systems, letting them know that, while physical stores might be closed due to the pandemic, online stores are always open on eBay.

In Russia and the Baltics, we held a series of educational webinars with delivery services for sellers on how to overcome logistics and delivery issues. Finally, in Greece we created a hub to urge Greek buyers to support local entrepreneurs and boost the local economy.

The Results

increase in the number of eBay sellers in Russia in 1 year

entrepreneurs reached

revenue increase vs to 2019