Creating brand love for Country Life butter



The challenge

How do you hijack the headlines to create brand love for a staple British FMCG brand?

Faced with increased competition from new entrants into the market and the threat of supermarket de-listings, the Dairy Crest brand – which had been recently acquired by global company, Saputo – was caught in a catch-22, whereby marketing budgets were being cut until revenues improved and yet brand awareness was falling year-on-year. To break out of this cycle, Country Life butter sought a disruptive, cost-effective campaign that rediscovered the brand’s tongue-in-cheek – but quintessentially British – personality of its earlier years.

The solution

Butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth…

Grayling and UM Media joined forces to launch a provocative political stunt outside the Palace of Westminster, aimed at hijacking the news agenda to put Country Life centre-stage once again. Research of our target audience uncovered that two thirds of over 55s had experienced a so-called ‘second adolescence’…the sort of thing that might perhaps motivate one to run through fields of wheat in abandon.

With national media reporting live from College Green a roaming billboard depicting Theresa May enjoying her own ‘second adolescence’ was cleverly timed to coincide with the handover moment between Theresa May and the incoming Prime Minster, Boris Johnson. A lookalike of whom just happened to be passing the House of Commons as the assembled media were waiting…

The results

We don't like to brag, butter campaign was a real success (sorry)...

fully branded, positive articles in national media outlets

Significant increase in brand trust and sentiment

Reversed supermarket delistings