Bringing Work To Life for General Electric Digital



The Challenge

How to help GE Digital staff explain their roles to their families?

General Electric wanted to help their staff feel more valued at work, and to understand the importance of the jobs that each of them did – but how?

GE needed a solution that engaged staff, made them feel more proud of the work that they did every day, and helped them – and those around them – better understand the role that GE Digital plays in the way in which the modern world works…so they approached Grayling.

The Solution

Seeing the work through the eyes of the family…

According to data from LinkedIn, one in three parents don’t understand what their child does for a living. We saw this as an opportunity to enable GE Digital staff to gain a better understanding of the value of their own work, so they could better communicate it to their families…so we provided a unique opportunity for GE employees’ relatives to gain first-hand experience of GE Digital as a modern workspace. 

The participants, more than 200 people, were invited to learn about daily life at GE through 14 mini workshops and accompanying programmes, such as office visits, a GE quiz, an interactive photo wall, a 360° image video with VR glasses and Facebook Lives. 

Through a selection of compelling, human content, we were able to take an often-impenetrable industry and make it easy to understand its purpose and value for staff family members across Hungary. Together we raised awareness about the digital literacy gap, but also succeeded in positioning GE Digital as an employer of choice and a family-friendly workplace.

The Results

So good, it became global best practice for GE worldwide...

employees engaged in the programme in Hungary

mini-workshops delivered to staff and families

Hungarians reached through organic media coverage