Grayling’s new global leadership

We’re delighted to announce that Sarah Scholefield and Richard Jukes will further extend their roles to oversee the Grayling business globally. Scholefield and Jukes will assume the roles of Chief Executive and Chairman respectively for Grayling worldwide from September 2020.

This move follows a strong year for Grayling, after the merger of Grayling UK and Europe in 2019, in spite of the challenges created by the pandemic.

Having global leadership will allow the agency to continue to deliver even greater integration, not just between Grayling’s offices but also between practices and shared services, to benefit both our clients and colleagues. The positive momentum set by Grayling in the UK & Europe under Scholefield and Jukes’ leadership and the addition of new talent creates a perfect springboard to extend this approach and success further afield.

Neil Jones, Chief Executive of Constellation, a network of world-leading agencies of which Grayling is a part, says, “Sarah and Richard have consistently proven their ability to drive significant growth, even in the most challenging of circumstances. That growth has been driven by an enhanced roster of services and people, and we are now seeing increased client opportunities as a result. By bringing Grayling worldwide under single leadership, it allows us to utilise our shared resources across all territories and create advantage for all our clients.”

Sarah Scholefield says, “Our collaborative approach between the UK & Europe has already paid dividends, and proved that when we work closely together, we are more successful and can drive even greater value to our clients. As we continue to evolve our Grayling proposition, we will work together under a shared culture and with a single creative and strategic approach, using our shared resource and momentum to the benefit of all our Grayling clients and staff worldwide.”

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