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Welcome to Grayling, Singapore

If there’s one thing we Singaporeans know, it’s the unstoppable power of diversity.

Of coming together, joining forces, of mixing heritages and skillsets, of differences clashing and combining to become something bigger and stronger.

We see it everywhere – from our history books to our hawker centres.

Nowhere else in the world can you get such a big and beautiful blend.

It might be a bit of our kiasu nature – we’re not going to say no to any opportunity, are we? But it’s also because we’ve seen it work.

And it’s exactly how it works at Grayling, Singapore.

We harness the power of variety – in interests, experiences, knowledge and expertise.

Our team is an eclectic mix of characters, from food lovers to skydivers, and various experts across communications, economics, history and psychology – all empowered by an international backing of 30 other Grayling teams all over the world.

It’s our advantage. And it’s how we’ll help you create advantage – with communications services ranging across B2B, consumer brand and corporate communications, risk and crisis management, media and influencer relations, and social media.

We’re a local boutique with a global mindset. We’re connected. We’re integrated.

We’ve got experience across aerospace and aviation, education, FMCG, government and public sector, healthcare, technology, transport and logistics, and travel and tourism.

And our award list is the Helix Bridge-long.

Want to join forces?

We’re Grayling, Singapore.

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