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As a boutique communications agency, our consultants are dedicated experts who devote themselves to our clients’ business and deliver real value

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Welcome to Grayling, Shanghai

Grayling, Shanghai, towers over other communication agencies like the three iconic skyscrapers of the Liujiazui Financial District.

Whether we’re taking international brands into the Asian market or expanding Chinese national brands across the country, our boutique communication agency provides integrated marketing communications – with a focus on consumer tech, education, food and drink, and retail.

We know that consumers in Eastern China are the most open to innovation, which is why we’ve perfectly positioned ourselves in the happening consumer-focused hub of the east.

And though our team specialises in this region of China, our connected network allows us to operate across the whole country and globally too.

This local-global reach can only be maintained through the depth of our people. That’s why half of our team members belong to Gen Z. A demographic that embraces the digital world – to play, innovate and create social content every day.

The rest? Our senior counsel. Ex in-house marketing directors, planners, creatives, the list goes on. Experienced professionals with hands on knowledge of a great deal more than just PR.

We might just be your cup of tea.

Although with clients like Starbucks on our roster, why drop by Grayling, Shanghai HQ for a coffee instead?

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