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The most experienced office in Andalusia. More than 35 years of communication and strategy from southern Spain

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Welcome to Grayling, Seville

They say you can tell a lot about someone by who they walk with.

At Grayling, Seville, we walk with a powerhouse of experience, expertise and data-driven intelligence.

We walk with 30 Grayling global teams, including our big sister company in Madrid, with their worldwide connections and international influence.

We walk with some of the most important companies in the Andalusia region – across banking, food, IT, agriculture and industry, and more – as our clients.

So, it’s no surprise we’re the leader in communications management for international industrial groups in the region. And the longest-standing one at that.

But we know who isn’t everything, it’s also how.

Our how is keeping things local, despite our big friends with big reach.

We know nobody knows Seville and Andalusia like we do. Our team of Sevillanos – with 18 years’ experience – make sure of that.

Despite our connections, we’re still a boutique consultancy and your business is personal to us. We work as an extension of our clients’ communications teams. We share insights, goals and, more often than not, tapas.

Happily, this has earned us the highest client retention rate in the industry. We’re talking decade-long relationships.

Join us at Grayling, Seville.

Bring your walking shoes.

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