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Welcome to Grayling, New York

In a city that never sleeps, we’re your communications specialist team, and we are here when you need us the most.

We’re your creative explorers, expert communicators, relationship builders, and risk mitigators.

We ensure that your story is told in the way that you want the world to hear.

That’s why global industry leaders such as Allianz Real estate, Cemig, Amadeus, Ecopetrol, and the Bolsa de Valores de Colombia, trust us to communicate their stories to investors, reporters and stakeholders.

Our senior team is hands-on, thoughtful, dedicated and will work out your communication needs, pronto.

Empowered by an international backing of 30 Grayling offices worldwide, we whip up a mix of local flavor and global connection.

Sitting in the largest capital market in the world has allowed us to build powerful relationships with the financial community to help clients access capital – the lifeblood of all corporations to drive growth, build innovation, and achieve market dominance.

Our investor relations and financial PR team helps clients at every stage of their lifecycle to realize the true valuation of their shares across the global financial markets.

We’re Grayling, New York.

Become our next big news story.

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