Sklaverei und Menschenhandel

Sklaverei und Menschenhandel

Eine sichere, legale Beschäftigung in einer inspirierenden und wertschätzenden Atmosphäre zu bieten hat für Grayling weltweit höchste Priorität. Als britisches Unternehmen unterliegen wir dem UK Modern Slavery Act 2015:

„We comply fully with the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 and all other legislation and guidelines designed to uphold an individual’s human rights and employment rights; this includes compliance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the practices laid down in the Fundamental International Labour Organisation Conventions.

Our approach to compliance with the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 is outlined in our various HR policies that govern recruitment, equal opportunities and diversity in our workplace. All of these policies are reviewed regularly – and at least annually – to ensure that they are fit for purpose and stay abreast of any changes in national or international legislation.

Staff are made aware of these policies – with training provided where necessary – during their initial induction shortly after joining Grayling and all policies are available for staff to review through our shared intranet system.

As a communications consultancy, we do not have an extensive supply chain. However, we recognise that it is vital that our partners, suppliers and clients uphold the same commitment to compliance with all regulations around human and employment rights. We have a zero tolerance policy for any company that is found to condone, support or operate labour practices that breach an individual’s rights and will cease working with any organisation that cannot fulfil every aspect of our compliance guidelines. Before accepting a new client account, or entering into an agreement with partners or suppliers, we interrogate that organisation’s own labour policies and seek information on the steps that are in place to address any breaches of employment rights that may exist within their supply chains.

In accordance with the terms of the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015, we will publish an annual Slavery and Human Trafficking statement.”